16 December 2009

435 : New photo blog

New photo blog; 435.tumblr.com
Posted on location via text-message.

Exploring the modern low-fi camera, complete with shitty lens, dreamy soft-focus, and off-balance colors.

16 November 2009


Does anybody else feel the same way that I do when you see these beacons alongside the highway? I also just found out that Sunoco is headquartered right here in Philly. Go figure, I chose this instead of Amoco. Watercolor and ink in the (landscape-oriented) sketchbook.

05 November 2009

Bill Cosby

Just finished this print for the Bill Cosby show this weekend (details on the above flier). One color screenprint, printed with chocolate pudding. Smells good, tastes great, looks fantastic. I was pretty surprised how warm and luscious the color (and also light) the color was. Took a good handful of wasted prints to get it perfect, but I nailed it on my last piece of paper. Right now, I have one really good one, but I also have a scant few proofs if anyone is interested.

22 September 2009

04 September 2009

Custom NoseGo Vinyl

I was recently asked by my friend Yis to customize a blank vinyl figure for his toy release show at Jinxed (here in Philadelphia), and of course I debated between tons of possible ideas. I couldn't help but want the toy to be plush (instead of vinyl), so I decided to paint it as if it was patched together out of scraps of fabric. I like the thought that someone had all kinds of gaudy pieces of things lying around, and decided to breathe some life into it. I had a lot of fun trying to decided what to do in each section, mixing up the designs and textures.

Anyway, the show is going to be a lot of fun, good friends and lots to see. Sneak a peak at Brad and Adrienne's pieces before the event.

18 August 2009

Summer sketches

Got some stuff in the works, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. In the meantime, dig these little numbers from my sketchbook.

05 August 2009

8-Bit and Beyond

If you have been over to the Autumn Society's blog recently, you may have noticed a lot of buzz around the upcoming 8-Bit and Beyond show at Brave New Worlds comic store, right here in Old City Philadelphia. I went up there to drop off my piece today, and let me tell you that everything on that wall is absolutely gorgeous. If you share my misfortune and have to work on Friday during the opening (around 6PM), it will be up for about a month.

This Kirby piece is collage/ink/watercolor, and is about 8x6 inches or so. Finally found a use for all those menus that were stuck in my door.

29 June 2009

Early in the mornin'


10 June 2009

New Studio

Well, to recap the last few weeks, I have: graduated college, moved to a new house, helped a few friends move, went to the beach, been part of a great art show with my classmates, and set up my new studio. I can finally relax a bit before I start [9-5] work on Monday, which means I'm overdue to make new [art]work. Below is a picture of my new studio (the other half of my bedroom) which is a bit of a mess, what with being in the middle of making a few prints. Also, sneak preview of a new print! I finally started to set up an Etsy shop, and will have some patches and prints for sale very soon.

30 April 2009

American Illustration and Heart Earth

Just found out yesterday that I was lucky enough to be 'chosen' for American Illustration's website. The image won't actually go up until November, but damn, I'm still excited. Below is the piece that got in.

Also on Sunday I will be hanging up my submission for the Heart Earth show organized by the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. The finished piece is below, and I will probably be selling original prints at the opening (no watercolor (maybe)). It's about 8x10, and is a linoleum block print with watercolor.

27 April 2009

Big 'ol Update

Hey blog, it's been a while. Long days/nights at school and basking in post-thesis delusions of freedom before the taxi cabs of reality nearly run us down. Spent the afternoon polishing up the refined second version of the website. Up all night cutting/printing a linoleum block, finishing the watercolor up tonight and will post soon. Last week was mostly spent printing and getting my portfolio together for the inaugural review (which I am happy to say was very constructive and encouraging). Finally got the printed posters and postcards in my hands for that Jersey Devil Ballet I mentioned in the last post. Was fortunate enough to do another cover (and a spread as well) for the wonderful folks over at 14th Street Magazine, and will be posting all that business soon.

So for now, here's two pieces I've been meaning to post. The first is a band poster done for class (real bands, fictional scenario). The second image is based off of the Kerouac haiku that follows it.

Birds singing
in the dark
–rainy dawn

-Jack Kerouac, Book of Haikus

31 March 2009

Thesis work and more

I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to show this work in the same space as all of my friends in the Illustration department; I have never seen so much talent and dedication in one room. I am humbled to have received one of two first prizes, the other one awarded to Katelyn Lewis. Very honorable mentions were received by
Nicole Buglak, Chris Gauvain, Adrienne Langer, Graham Palme, and Dan Fishel.

Oh yea, and I got a poster done recently for Chaz Flud's ballet about the Jersey Devil. It was a new experience to have to work in print templates and take the company's own color profiles into account. Everything got sent out to print yesterday, and I can't wait to see what the stack of posters and postcards is going to look like. I also have a small (ed. of about 19) run of original linoleum prints that I'm debating selling at the opening. I need to take the time to set up an Etsy store in the near future.

15 March 2009

I am not contained between my hat and boots

Ink and watercolor in the sketchbook. Got 4 pages left in my sketchbook, trying to fill them up so I can start a fresh one. End of spring break seems like a good time to finish a book.

Also, I just discovered Librivox.org. They organize books that are in public domain, then volunteers record readings of these books and return the free audiobooks to the web. I'm listening to Leaves of Grass right now, and I'm about to download Ulysses.

10 March 2009

I love coffee and coffee loves tea

Just a quick something or another. I don't use walnut ink nearly enough.

02 March 2009

green 001 + 002

Couple of experiments to procrastinate. Who knows, could become a series until I get it right. Ink & watercolor.

28 February 2009

New piece and some other stuff

New piece for my portfolio, this one is ink and watercolor. It is based on an article in The New Atlantis titled Military Robots and the Laws of War. Below is the ink before any watercolor is applied.

This self portrait was executed in lino-cut, ink, and watercolor.

Lastly, a cityscape in ink and watercolor. Straight analog, no digital.

19 February 2009


It's official, Streisguth.com went live this afternoon, around 4pm EST. Though it is still under construction, I am pleased to have a small presence on the internet. Please add it to your bookmarks. I will updating pretty consistently to expand my portfolio, add a section of sketch/experimental stuff, and generally make it awesome.

Please leave any issues or bugs encountered on my site in the comments here. The only problem I have found so far are some mouseover issues involving the linked images. As far as I can tell, it works fine on Safari, but not Firefox. I am currently pulling my hair out in a vain attempt to fix it.

31 January 2009

From the last few days

Been playing around with a slightly new technique, which has been very exciting (if you're around me at all, I'm sure I haven't shut up about it). Anyway, I'm partly through the Ely's, though I'm hesitant to post anything until after the show. Maybe I'll jump the gun. The top image is Stanley Kubrick filming the path of the sun over the course of 8 months. More here. Kubrick did not actually film the sun, but he did take a notoriously long time on set to film.

This is just a straight up portrait of the master himself (Kubrick).

'Boring as fuck' still life experiment.