29 September 2010

New blog etc

So...for anybody still following this through Blogger, I have recently switched to Wordpress.

URL is still blog.streisguth.com

07 June 2010

New Site!

Finally got around to rebuilding my website with Indexhibit (in the middle of the night, of course). The link to blog.streisguth.com is a bit out of whack, but the main URL (streisguth.com) is working fine and dandy. I posted photos from my show over at TrickGo, and will be posting more content more easily than before. Please check back in the next few days to see what's up. I'll make a point to announce the grand re-release on Facebook when it's all up to par.

19 May 2010

Solo Show

Get excited for this show; I sure as hell am.

10 May 2010

Eye Chart on Broad Street

I was recently commissioned by my friend Justin Rubich to help out with a sculpture that he was to produce for the front of our school. Soon, I found myself responsible for producing a clean, vectorized image that could be blown up to 22 feet tall. The large 'E' should be visible from around 1000 or so feet away. Images are courtesy of Justin's blog, where you can read more about his piece here and the production. I believe it comes down at the end of May, so take a look at it while you can!

26 March 2010

435 Photo Project

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had a personal photo project going since around November, and I thought I'd like to share some of the photos on here to entice you all to follow that as well. I started using my camera phone to capture compositions, colors, etc that I could use as fodder for later work. No editing is done, compositions are cropped in the viewfinder, and because I text it immediately to a post on the site, I don't have to ever think about uploading at a computer. Some of these were sent while driving (not safe!), others while in the middle of the woods, and one or two from the top of a mountain. I opted for a clean layout, and let the images say whatever they had to. The quality is interesting, and may not always be the best, but I see it as an evolution of instant low-fi photography. Also, if anyone else is on Tumblr, please let me know! I'd love to follow you as well.


19 February 2010

Manifest Equality

Just submitted this piece for a contest to hang in the Manifest Equality show in LA. If I won, I'd be hanging alongside Swoon, Gary Baseman, Jessica Hische, and Jude Buffum. Fingers crossed!

11 February 2010

Society of Illustrators

Proud to say I finally got into Society of Illustrators! I love the work that I've seen in those catalogs; there were always a ton of them hangin around the studio. Tim O'Brien was on the inside cover of most of them, sometimes with a fishing hat on. Tim also told me just in time that I could still enter. Thanks again buddy!

Check it out!

10 February 2010

Off the Record

Just finished up a poster for my friend Chris' band, Off the Record. They're playing at a pub in Jersey the day before valentines, and I wish I could make it out there.

06 February 2010


I've been working at Whole Foods for about a year and a half now, but as of 4 months ago, I was fortunate enough to snatch up the position of Assistant Store Artist at the South Street location in Philadelphia. It's kind of stressful, and not as creative as it may seem, but I still have fun with it. Mostly, I handle printing and distribution of standard signage (i.e. produce signs, cheese signs, hot bar & chef case, name tags, etc.). It's really interesting to see how regional and global marketing distributes visuals to coincide with campaigns, and we have to apply it to our specific situation at the store. I'm partly responsible for the visual consistency of the store, so I'm thinking more about the layout of displays and their impact. The full time artist, Erin, has been doing this for way too long. She's a great resource and it's been a lot of fun picking her brain over stuff no one else needs to think about, like brands of chalk ink markers, sign clips, glitter, and laminating machines.

Occasionally I get to do some hand lettering and create some chalkboards for the store. Takes a good, smooth hand that I'm slowly achieving. These have to be done fairly quickly and efficiently; there's no use laboring over something that will be erased and replaced within a week or two. With any luck, there will be more of my work on the walls of South Street Whole Foods more frequently.

These were all done with chalk ink markers (like the kind you write on a car with). They handle like a Posca or DecoColor, but don't cover as well; drawing on glass is the hardest.

This one is by far my favorite.

Edit: I also get to make stupid little signs for the back of the house, involving things like toilets, time clocks, and water fountains. Here's two of 'em.

05 January 2010

Busy week

I promise I will be posting soon...it's been busy, there's been a couple of group shows that my buddies have blogged about (so I kinda forgot to myself), and I have some new jawns in the works. Jawns all around. Happy New Jawn to everybody!