30 April 2009

American Illustration and Heart Earth

Just found out yesterday that I was lucky enough to be 'chosen' for American Illustration's website. The image won't actually go up until November, but damn, I'm still excited. Below is the piece that got in.

Also on Sunday I will be hanging up my submission for the Heart Earth show organized by the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. The finished piece is below, and I will probably be selling original prints at the opening (no watercolor (maybe)). It's about 8x10, and is a linoleum block print with watercolor.

27 April 2009

Big 'ol Update

Hey blog, it's been a while. Long days/nights at school and basking in post-thesis delusions of freedom before the taxi cabs of reality nearly run us down. Spent the afternoon polishing up the refined second version of the website. Up all night cutting/printing a linoleum block, finishing the watercolor up tonight and will post soon. Last week was mostly spent printing and getting my portfolio together for the inaugural review (which I am happy to say was very constructive and encouraging). Finally got the printed posters and postcards in my hands for that Jersey Devil Ballet I mentioned in the last post. Was fortunate enough to do another cover (and a spread as well) for the wonderful folks over at 14th Street Magazine, and will be posting all that business soon.

So for now, here's two pieces I've been meaning to post. The first is a band poster done for class (real bands, fictional scenario). The second image is based off of the Kerouac haiku that follows it.

Birds singing
in the dark
–rainy dawn

-Jack Kerouac, Book of Haikus