17 December 2008

Late Night Post!

Because I can't seem to sleep before 4am anymore, I'm posting some sketchbook happiness.

Just a skull (and some redorange)

Some brainstorming for my 2nd thesis piece.

I'm pretty into this drawing.

Not a comfortable place to rest your eyes.

14 December 2008

Ely Poster

Poster for our senior illustration show (Ely Exhibition).

10 December 2008

Sketchbook Shtuff

Ink splats and rubber stamp nonsense.


More stamped stuff.

Transferred text and ink.

22 November 2008

It's been a while!

School's been keeping me real busy, and the internet in our studio won't let us attach files to emails or post anything, so at long last, here is some stuff from this semester. This first piece is for a NY Times op-ed article about the particle accelerator underneath Geneva, Switzerland. It could provide a glimpse into the origins of the universe (or create a black hole to swallow the earth).

Front and back cover design and layout for Ratatat's latest release, LP3.

Illustration for an article about birds being able to see the earth's magnetic field when they orient themselves during migration.

And finally, one from the sketchbook.

20 June 2008

Skull and Observatory

Both from the this summer's sketchbook.

18 June 2008

Illustration Friday - Punchline

Another for Illustration Friday.
The topic this time is 'punchline'.

29 May 2008

Illustration Fridays

A little piece for Illustration Fridays.  Topic is 'Worry.'

04 May 2008

New shirt!

Freshly stenciled t-shirt, originally a stenciled poster for my Design Methods class. I need to figure out how to stick these to the bottom of a screen and print more, right now the registration and everything else is a pain in the ass. I wish the highlights on the car didn't squidge out though, but I think it looks alright. Technical problems, now I know better.

25 March 2008

Some new work, sketches, gallery group show

Been a busy two weeks since spring break. I still have to scan and post a few things from the past week, but I have some things to post in the meantime. The group show at the Digs gallery @ 4050 Spruce St. was pushed back to this Friday, but Nouveau Riche is playing and I believe the beer is free, so it should be a good time. Here's the flier for it:

Album cover mock-up for the Boredoms' Vision Creation Newsun cd.

Linoleum cut of the all-seeing eye, printed on canvas

And a few from the sketchbook:

19 March 2008

Fresh outta my brainoven

Three new pieces for the Digs show in West Philly. Supposed to be this weekend, but got pushed back a week I believe. I think I need to see something other than dirt and concrete, hence the ocean theme. Besides being fun to draw, who knows that kind of wacky lifestyle those creatures have in the murky depths.

Trans-Atlantic Voyage

Trans-Oceania Voyage

Trans-Pacific Voyage

27 February 2008

Area man remembers he has blog, no readers.

That pretty much sums it up.
Actual website (domain name and all) coming sooner than later.
Here's some new/old work.