22 November 2008

It's been a while!

School's been keeping me real busy, and the internet in our studio won't let us attach files to emails or post anything, so at long last, here is some stuff from this semester. This first piece is for a NY Times op-ed article about the particle accelerator underneath Geneva, Switzerland. It could provide a glimpse into the origins of the universe (or create a black hole to swallow the earth).

Front and back cover design and layout for Ratatat's latest release, LP3.

Illustration for an article about birds being able to see the earth's magnetic field when they orient themselves during migration.

And finally, one from the sketchbook.


dirtydave said...

Sure has steve, keep it up man it looks great. hey i promise to keep my blog up to date if you keep yours up to date

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Lawrence Hugh Burns said...

awesome stuff guth. Your portfolio at the end of the year's gonna look sweet if you keep this shizzy up, ya hoser